Lorion Telecom organizes scheduled trainings for individuals and professionals in the domains of Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies.

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Placement Pyramid

Lorion Telecom has built reputation with several industry verticals in the telecom and embedded industry. Lorion Telecom has outsourced its students to majors in IT and telecom sectors in India and abroad. 

Careers @ Lorion Telecom

Lorion Telecom is on look out for experienced personal in the fields of Communications and Wireless Technologies.

Team lead

Must have a minimum of 5 years of design, development, and technical leadership experience. You must be able to develop functional specifications, lead the design process and carry your team through the implementation while providing technical leadership to the team.You need to have very strong programming skills. Knowledge and experience in design, development or implementation of any of protocols like RTP, RTCP, MGCP, H323 etc is essential. Knowledge and experience in real time operating systems like VxWorks, Psos etc will be an added advantage.

Senior engineer

Must have a minimum of 3 years experience in design and development in call area. Strong programming skills is a must.Implementation experience in any of the protocols like RTP,RTCP,MGCP,and H323 is essential.Programming experience in real time operating systems like VxWorks, pSOS etc will be an added advantage.

So, whether you want to design or build, market or sell; join us and play a critical role in contributing to the evolution of this next-generation internet. Show us where you shine and we'll show you how Loron is creating opportunity to shine as brightly as possible

If you are motivated, energetic, able to learn quickly and eager to be involved in the explosive Internet marketplace, you should apply. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

E-mail your resume to: careers@loriontelecom.com

HR @ Lorion Telecom

Lorion Telecom has a pool of talented manpower trained in the domains of Telecom, Wireless and Networking. Corporates hiring professionals can have free access to the database of professionals.

In case you are interested in hiring professionals in the domains of Telecom, Wireless or Networking, kindly reach us at

For more information mail us at: info@loriontelecom.com


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