Lorion Telecom organizes scheduled trainings for individuals and professionals in the domains of Telecommunications & Wireless Technologies.

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Our vision is to conduct forward-thinking telecom research and provide education and telecom training opportunity for students, industry professionals around the world.

Amidst colossal of maneuvers for learning and implementation its definitely a noble task to endeavor significant amount of time in research and development of much sought specialization. We at Lorion Telecom feel the necessity of the young engineers to be trained to the professional extent, to meet the technological challenges for the industry requirements. This moored us to incorporate the training division as subsidiary to our research and development wings.

In this significant growth of technology everyday sees a spate of new concepts and surpassing days makes them obsolete. This compelled us to redefine the existing training modules available in the market.

With vast experience in the telecom sector, we therefore set forth to define the new horizon in the training module for working professionals and students to constantly keep them abreast of emerging technologies by giving them industry exposure with conceptual and perspective training. We combine our expertise with significant research in bring out this course schedule in simple but yet on par with ongoing industry trends to meet the professional requirements. Hope you share some our optimism.

Lorion Telecom periodically conducts seminars on advanced Communication Technologies.

Our next seminar on Emerging Trends in Telecommunications will be held on 11th April 2009. Contact our front office for more details.

For more information mail us at: info@loriontelecom.com


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